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The Sebastians present “The Three Musketeers”

The Sebastians violinists Daniel S. Lee (“fleet-fingered, passionate… soulful” –The New York Times), Nicholas DiEugenio (“evocative” –The New York Times) and Alexander Woods (“showstopping” –The New York Times) present a dazzling display of virtuoso works for three violins and continuo. “All for one and one for all!” Music by Purcell, Schmelzer, Boismortier, Pachelbel, Baltzar, Marini, […]

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An Ambitious Conductor Tackling Big Questions

Teddy Abrams: “All major arts organizations should not only have musicians on staff but there should also be a department of composition; people who are composing for the moment. In Bach’s time there was a department of composition in every church and state office; there was a constant need for new music. … Granted that […]

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